Summer Tips

Mothers against drunk Drivers

MADD (Mothers against drunk Drivers) spoke at April PIP They urge caution when drinking. Summer time brings out more “Social Drinking” If you observe what think might be a drunk driver use your cell phone to dial:


HPD will put your call through to a special DWI task force officer



DIY a homemade wasp trap:

• 1. Planting some Garlic (use the bulbs available at grocery store—break apart and plant) Catnip, Marigolds, Citronella grass, & Rosemary will help to naturally repel mosquitoes from your landscape. Not only is this an environmentally friendly way to handle mosquitoes but it is also beautifying to your garden and the environment.



Protect your Neighborhood Storm drains

What do I do if I see someone dumping into a storm drain?

This includes Lawn maintenance workers blowing grass clipping towards and down the storm drains
Call 3-1-1,
Take a cell phone picture if possible
Call HPD Environmental Investigation Unit 7135252728
Or call COH Environmental Health Info Line and Industrial Discharges at 713-640-4399
Or call Harris County Environmental Public Health at 713-920-2831



Beat the heat-health tips for hot weather

What Is Extreme Heat? Temperatures that hover 10 degrees or more above the average high temperature for the region and last for several weeks are defined as extreme heat. Urban and suburban areas can be “heat islands,” warmer than the surrounding rural countryside. Because they are warmer, heat islands use more energy to keep cool, which raises costs and reduces air quality. Communities can invest in long-term strategies such as:–promoting or installing cool or vegetated “green” roofs —-planting more trees and vegetation ——–switching to cooler paving materials. Tips: Wear a hat* Drink more water*Schedule Outdoor Activities Carefully*Pace Yourself*Stay Cool Indoors*Use a Buddy System—check on your neighbors!


Avondale Recommends Hurricane Preparedness Kit

Water – at least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days—fill your bath tub with water as a precaution

Food – at least enough for 3 to 7 days per person




Recycling Polystyrene


On Monday, June 25, 2012, the City of Houston started to accept clean block style or packaging polystyrene foam at the Westpark Recycling Center, 5900 Westpark, Houston 77057 and the Environmental Service Center South, 11500 South Post Oak Lane, Houston 77045.  Residents can drop off polystyrene foam at both facilities.

The operating hours for the Westpark Recycling Center are Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  The Environmental Service Center South is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. and the second Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Avondale Garden Tips

  • These are some of the best perennials to grow in Houston—- Hardy Amaryllis, Byzantine Gladiolus, Butterfly Weed, Salvia , Purple Coneflower, Shasta Daisy, Daylilies, Mallows, Coneflowers, Cannas, Summer Phlox, Spider Lilies, Oxblood Lilies, Fall Crocus, Salvia  and Chrysanthemums.




Do Your Part!

Electricity Conservation Tips  from the ERCOT WEBSITE

Consumers can help by shutting off unnecessary lights and electrical appliances between 3 and 7 p.m., and delaying laundry and other activities requiring electricity-consuming appliances until later in the evening. Other conservation tips from the Public Utility Commission’s “Powerful Advice”  include:




Keeping an Older Home Cool in the Summer

  • Keep your shade tree Healthy!

Properly placed trees around a house can save up to 30% of energy use? This is according to the U.S. Forest Service Center for Urban Forest Research. Tree  roots that absorb most of the water are  located only about fifteen inches or so below the surface. These are called feeder roots and most of them are NOT located at the base of the trunk, but rather at the tree’s drip line. It is far better to provide sufficient water in a single, saturating application than to apply the same amount of water over several, shorter applications. Small to medium trees (1″ – 9″ in diameter): 10 gallons/inch Large trees (10″ diameter and up): 15 gallons/inch.




Trash Pickup/Recycling Each Monday

Grass clippings require special plastic bag

This separate yard trimmings collection service is being offered to all citizens who receive the automated garbage collection service. Yard trimmings make up approximately 30% of the total residential waste stream in Houston. Recycling yard trimmings will save the city in landfill costs and extend the life of landfills.